Manakey Group Llc

Manakey Group Llc
We've been sourcing foot and shoe care products globally for over 20 years. Our supply partners occupy every corner of the world; China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, Canada, and more. We leverage these factories and our relationships to get you the best quality and delivery at the lowest unit cost. We design, develop, manufacture and supply foot care and shoe care private brands for mid market and large retailers and distributors worldwide. We source our products globally. China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the U. S. We also offer complete fullment services in the United States from order processing, inventory, picking and packing, customer service, and shipping and invoicing. We work with large and middle market companies to develop their private brands and source their products globally. We help strengthen their brand and customer loyalty and increase their sales and profits. Contact us today and we will show how we can do it for you.
Dan Geluso
[1] 616 371 1158
P.O. Box 162
Coopersville, Michigan, 49404, United States
Principal Owners of Company
Brent Clark
Year Company Commenced Business
Year Company Moved to Current Address
Number of Employees
Size of Plant
Location(s) of Plants
China, India, Vietnam, Turkey